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From the Secretary's Desk

Reminder to all members that the Grand Lodge of Indiana will be sending out dues notice shortly.  Dues are payable to Mitchell Lodge #228.  Please send your payments to Mitchell Lodge #228, PO Box 228, Mitchell, IN 47446.

With the changing of our By-Laws, Election of Officers will be held at the Stated Meeting on 3 November 2016.  If you are interested in serving as an officer for the 2017 year, please let Brother Larry E. Harris, PM know of your interest.



Brethern, 2016 was a very good Masonic year for Mitchell Lodge #228.  Officers for 2017 were elected on 3 November 2016 and are as follows:

WM-  Larry E. Harris, PM  812-849-2849

SW-   Mat Hardman  812-797-4228

JW-  David P. Edwards 812-278-8581

Treasurer- John D. Voorhies, PM 812-849-0808

Secretary- John D. Boling, PM 812-331-8552

The lodge gave a hearty thanks to Brother Carl O. Farley for his service as Treasurer for the last 16 years.


J. D. Boling, PM

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